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I can't remember a time I didn't love weddings. Everything about them: the dress, the flowers, the promise of happily ever after. It's one of the reasons I read and write romance. Who doesn't love a happy ending? That's not to say the road to wedded bliss is an easy one. But doesn't that make the happily ever after all the more satisfying? So it's no surprise that my new series, White Lace and Promises, focuses on exactly that. Book Three, The Christmas Bride, Maggie and Logan's story, is up for preorder. If there's anything I love more than weddings, it's Christmas!

Some people ask me, why romance? Especially now, with so much going on in the world. Why write lighthearted stories about love, and family, friendship and small town life? I think that is exactly when we should be reading romance. I always found escaping into a world where love triumphs, where families and communities pull together, where people grow and heal, to be inspirational. Yes, we know going in that life isn’t perfect, that things don’t always work out. But I think the real value in romance is the affirmation that it can and for a “brief, shining moment,” like the lyrics from Camelot promise, we get our happily ever after.

The Christmas Bride is available for preorder at Amazon and will be free in Kindle Unlimited. Release date is Oct. 29,  just in time for the holidays!

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When I was a little girl, I would walk to our local library and enter a world of magic. I could be anything, do anything, go anywhere, simply by opening the pages of a book. I knew even then I wanted to be a writer. Cliché? Maybe, but you know what they say about clichés: they are overused because they are so often true.

My journey took a few turns. I worked as a journalist for almost twenty years at a daily newspaper, a job that I loved. But, with my family raised and on their own, I realized it was time to follow my dream. I’m thrilled to say I am now officially an author.

My books reflect so many things that are important to me: family, friendship. Love. At least for now, they are set in small towns very much like the one I live in. Because I am a firm believer in happily ever after, I knew I had to write romance novels, which I find empowering and uplifting. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Loving Matt, the first book in my Sunset Bay series,  is a story of healing, hope and second chances.

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